The Krewe of F-Troop Tampa, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to creating a "Brotherhood" among its members and common friendship with other Krewes via social gatherings and sponsored community events throughout the State of Florida and, especially, within the Tampa Bay area. After many years of being a part of the Rough Riders, the "Founding Brothers" of F-Troop Tampa, Inc., Ron Arkay, Joey Aucoin, Steve Aucoin and Randy Conte, along with Mike Edenfield, decided to start the Krewe with a fifty charter member cap which, in turn, allowed the Krewe to control its own direction and identity.

The F-Troop theme was adopted from the 60's TV sitcom of the same name which adhered to our renegade attitude that has only grown and thrived into one of the friendliest and most envied Krewes within the Tampa area. In a true sign of unity, each member is given the "title" of Four-Star General so all members know they have an equal say within the Krewe of F-Troop. Due to the overwhelming interest after our first year, we decided to expand the membership cap to seventy-five, where it remains to this day.

Over the years, the "Founding Brothers" bought two former fire trucks before deciding upon a third and final one, a 1975 Great Eastern Fire Truck which served as our identity until 2012. In 2013, The F-Troop had to rebuild the old "Fort Courage" after many years of service. With participation from virtually every member of the Krewe, the new and improved "Fort Courage" made its debut on Gasparilla Day 2014. By honoring the original "Fort Courage," the new and improved version retained its "Fort" look and feel but is now four times the size of the old "Fort." It has a full beverage area, his and guests’ bathrooms, a roll down ramp for easy loading and bead bin lockers for fifty Krewe Members. Finally, it is now protected and towed by the "DEUCE," a 2-1/2 ton 1967 Military Kaiser which permanently replaced the old fire truck in 2013.

Currently membership is open only to men and is by invitation only. Our goal is to continue promoting the "Brotherhood" of F-Troop while also improving and enriching the lives of the groups we support.

Our main charity, since we formed, has been "THE BOYS AND GIRLS Club" of Tampa. To help bring smiles to them we hold an annual BBQ during the month of in December where SANTA, and the Krewe, bring gifts for the kiddies as well as a day of fun. Then once again in January, again since we started as a krewe, we have invited the BOYS and GIRLS club to join us in the Children's Gasparilla Day parade.

If you have any questions for or interest in the F-Troop Tampa, Inc. please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mailing Address

PO Box #270039
Tampa, Florida 33608

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